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Pawn Terms and Agreement

Twenty Rands

The pawn shop industry is regulated by many laws to protect both the consumers and store owners. When you visit Bargains Galore to pawn an item, we’ll explain the loan agreement and terms in greater detail.  For now, here’s what you need to know.

Pawning an item is really a collateral-based loan.  This means the loan is secured by the value of the item.  You must be the sole owner, meaning you cannot have another loan on the item.  In that case the bank or someone else has a claim on the item.  You may be requested to proof ownership and proof the item was paid in full (always keep your receipts).

We also need to verify your identity, so bring along your ID.  You will sign some paperwork.  This is your loan agreement. Keep it safe.  You may want to refer to the agreement terms and you will need it to claim your item on the due date.  Remember, once the agreement expires, we have the right to sell your item to recoup our cost.  You normally have 30 days to return with the full payment and reclaim your item.  See the options for repaying your loan.

Have more questions?  Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help.  Meanwhile check out these next pages with some  common questions and answers.

You may wonder how much you can borrow against an item? Also, which items can I pawn, and which items are not acceptable for pawning.

The loan amount will be less than the value of the item.  This is to cover the cash you borrowed, plus interest and any fees we incur to store the item and administer the loan.


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All About Pawn Loans


We know life sometimes gets in the way and unexpected expenses happens at the worst times.

There are a few ways to deal with untimely expenses. One way is to put it off the expense for a few weeks. Let’s take a broken down car as example. You could take a ride with a friend or family member for a while. This could bring you to the next paycheck andthat may be all you need. If you have costly repairs to the car, you could also negotiate a payment plan with a repair shop.

In some situations that my not be possible. An alternate is to sell something you don’t use or need and turn it into cash. In some cases this asset may have sentimental or other intangible value, and even though you need the money, you really want to keep the item.

In this case pawning is the solution. When you pawn an item, you essentially take a loan against the value of the item. The item is exchanged for a cash loan. Loans have interest. Upon repayment of the loan amount plus interest, the item is released back to you. This is a great short-term alternative to a bank loan and an easy way to get cash quickly.

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All you need to know about pawning something of value.

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